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Are you looking for ways to donate some of that Halloween candy that sits around for too long? Or maybe your children have food allergies and cannot eat the candy, but love to trick or treat – what do you do with all the candy?

We have the answer to all of your extra Halloween candy!!!

Beginning November 1st through November 10th, we will offer the following to everyone who would like to participate in our candy drive:


For the last 12 years, and again this year, we will pay for the candy that young trick-or-treaters collect at Halloween. For all candy brought to our office during the first two weeks of November, Dr. O’Reilly will pay $1.00 per pound to the trick-or-treater, and another $1.00 per pound in a donation to the We are proud to donate to this charity, which has helped more than 500,000 children receive free cleft palate and lip surgery. There are still millions of poor children with unrepaired clefts. It takes as little as 45 minutes and costs as little as $250 to perform one cleft surgery. To get more information on SmileTrain, please go to:

As we did last year, this year we will be donating the candy we collect to the Anne Arundel County Food Bank.

How to participate? Pack up all of the candy you do not want in a secure plastic bag, and bring it to our office during regular office hours November 1 through 10!

We Support


Dr. O'Reilly and her office are proud to support The Annapolis Wellness House, which provides a safe haven in Annapolis where cancer patients and their families can meet to gather information and complete the healing process. Specifically, the home is open during business hours to cancer patients who are undergoing treatment in Anne Arundel County and to their immediate family members whose lives are being affected by the cancer illness. The home will provide free day care and a home environment for the rest and relaxation for these families, as well as overnight accommodations to those who need them. To get more information on the Annapolis Wellness House, please go to:


Dr. O'Reilly and her office are avid supporters of UNICEF – The United Nations Children’s Fund. UNICEF is present in 190 countries and territories to provide health care and vaccinations, clean water and food, education and emergency aid in order to improve and save children’s lives. Their goal is to see a day when ZERO children die from preventable causes and all children are safe and free from hunger. For more information, visit